Friday, May 22, 2015

Choose your own adventure

location: environment:home sweet home, calm dusk
The to do list only grows, the challenges of parenthood and home making leave me cued up even after everyone sleeps. When the voice in my head nags me to turn on the dryer and fold the heaps of  laundry to keep the clean clothes coming via magic fairy slave train. The resistant radical retorts with a obscene gesture that both validates the beauty of a well kept dresser drawer and asks the question of important priority on repeat, will this effort really make a Difference? Or can I escape into my imagination and transcend the mundane thankless motions that wear on my sleeve. Sweetness smells like a crumpled bit of paper and a minute noticed where exploring mental wanderings tries on a costume of comedy.

I took the girls to the beach today, low tide all to ourselves and I was watching my feet moving over seaweed covered rocks when I heard a splash starboard that could only have been a seal. K got her foot stuck in a hole and we went thru the tahsis drive thru, picking ripe salmon berries from the window of the truck. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sarah fowler for village councillor

My goals are simple.  Active participation in a community that celebrates it strengths and builds solutions on the backs of challenges. Cooperative, transparent government which addresses the concerns of the citizens while keeping a eye on the prize of a diverse future here. Historically my political background is varied but stems from a belief in civic engagement and a willingness to stand up and get involved in the issues we have in common. When I attended university in Ottawa I was fortunate to have worked as an administrative assistant to a member of parliament in the west block.  It was during this experience that I got a taste for the debate which often surrounds politics. Understanding the  rules of representing different peoples view points, while maintaining deadlines and working effectively was eye opening, to say the least.  Since 2001 I have come along way and learnt much about Canada's place in a larger world.  Despite relatively recently moving to Nootka Sound I share my concerns about good governance and long term management of the commons with both old timers and future residents.  The thing that excites me most about Tahsis is the sheer volume of potential in a beautiful remote wilderness. I was attracted to this place by the do-it-yourself pioneer attitude of the Wild West coast and as I build my family and future here I look forward to serving our village in many ways. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

cv update

Dear Sharon Taporowski, Tahsis Recreation center staff supervisor

I am interested in becoming involved in part of the pool staff in a lifeguard capacity this fall season. While in Ontario I completed a first aid course and previously had completed my Bronze cross with Barbara Wilson. I hope to put my name in the hat the available lifeguards so we may continue to offer swimming in our community. Further, I am interested revisiting the Aqua yoga,stay strong with Sarah, when my schedule allows. Please contact me if you have any questions about my ability to be a part of your team.

Please see my c.v. for relevant qualifications and past experience.

Thanks Sincerely,
Sarah Fowler

Sarah Fowler

1162 Discovery Cresent, Tahsis, B.C. V0P1X0 250-934-7713

GOAL: Exploring Food Justice, forage and production through permiculture.

2014- Standard First Aid, London, Ontario
2013 -Bronze Cross, Gold River British Columbia
2010- Fundraising in challenging economic times, Parksville
2008- Vipassana Meditation, 10 day silent meditation in Egbert, Ontario
2007- Non-Violent Direct Action training Toronto
2006- PADI Scuba Diver- Open Water Malawi, Africa
2005- Trancendental Meditation, Nairobi, Kenya
2004- Alliance Francais; French language course
2003- International Academy Natural Health Science; Organic Gardening
2002- TESOL; English language instruction
2001- Carleton University Political science; Canadian Studies

June-Septmeber 2014; Moutcha Bay Resort (server)
May 2013-February 2014; Tahsis Time Grill (server)
January- May 2011; Private Nanny, Parksville British Columbia
September- Dec 23, 2010; Cha Cha Java, Coffee
May-August 2009-2011; Next Generation Reforestation, Alberta
November 2007-08; Greenpeace Canada, Toronto fundraising department
August 2004-2005; Public Outreach, Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario
March -Aug 2003; One World Film Festival; Inter-Action Mondiale (WIAM)
Dec -Sept 2002; House of Commons; Assistant to Member of Parliament
May -Aug 2001; Geneva Park Conference Center; Orillia ON( lifeguard)
June 1998-2000; Instructor Lifeguard, YMCA of London (Aquafitness)

2012-2014 Tahsis Literacy Society, board of directors director.
Sept 2003 -August 2005 Independent Filmmakers Co-operative Ottawa
^ I was elected director general position on Board of Directors further acclaimed as President in July 15 2004. Responsibilities included agenda for monthly board meetings, authorizing accounts, hiring and evaluations of executive director and organizing annual general meetings of a 200 plus membership. Sub-committees I was involved with include policy, finance, grant, fundraising and cultural equity.
July 1998 -July 2000 Association of Student Governments (ASG) London, ON
^ I held the elected offices of Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President in my student parliament and further was involved with the ASG, which served as an umbrella group for student councils across the city. Together with a team of five, we held an annual leadership conference for delegates from more than 35 schools. Responsible for food, lodging, entertainment, manuals and sponsorship
Face Painter for birthday parties and special events since 2000.
Charity events include Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Tulip Festival, CHEO Teddy Bears Picnic, Bytowne Days, Fair trade day, Lanark Highlands Art of Being Green Festival, Dar es Sallam's Goat Races and Arctic Sunrise Tours at Harbourfront centre in Tornoto.
Saw Video, Ottawa (2004)
Grant Writing/Canon XL1/Panasonic PVDV953/Sound Editing/Mixing/Avid Xpres
Independent Filmmakers Cooperative of Ottawa (2002)
Producing/Directing- Scriptwriting/Storyboarding/Cinematography/Lighting -Sound Recording-Picture Editing -Sound Editing -Grant writing/Camera less animation techniques-Introduction to the bolex camera/Proposal writing for documentary/
Optical printing/Super 8 Film Production
February 7-12, 2009 Set production, wardrobe intern
Wise Woman, produced by b current, directed by Ahdri
June 18-27, 2004 Make-up artist & Videographer
Yolanda of Yorkville University Ottawa, Fringe Festival
Theatre production Directed Ryan Clark, Play written by Maurice Aubin
April 1- 5, 2004 Make-up artist & Videographer
Sideshow Carelton University, Sock N Buskin
Theatre production Directed by Mackenzie Howson and Jody Lundrigan
2005 I.F.CO. Frank Cole Documentary Grant Recipient
1996 Bicycle Rodeo Safety Award 1992-1993 Optimist Public Speaking Award
August 2008; San Jose Poetry Slam ^judge and bartender
MACLA / Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino America;
July 2006; Zanzibar International Film festival of the Dhow countries; (ZIFF)
^ Teacher for children’s panorama (with Swahili interpreter) of a tactile workshop entitled “History of cinema, a contrast on celluloid” for 30 youth at the Alternative Learning School.
April –August 2006; Roots & Shoots; Dr. Jane Goodall Institute, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
^ Art & Photo contest-fundraiser, a beach clean up and visiting local primary and secondary schools to inspire student focused community service groups.
March 31-2006; Habitat for Humanity; Tanzanian Gatsby Trust (TGT) -Photographer-
^ Photojournalist for newsletter; of families in a village on the North end of Zanzibar Island.
August 2004-2005; Public Outreach- fundraiser, trainer, supervisor
Fundraising consultancy for charity and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)
^Including Amnesty International, UNICEF, Mediceine sans Frontieres, Sick Kids Foundation, Greenpeace, David Suzuki foundation and Ontario March of Dimes
v March -October 2003; One World Film Festival, World Inter-Action Mondiale
^Arts Administration objectives are to order film from worldwide distributors, organize volunteer group with screenings and manage results to establish themes for the 4 day festival.

References, Filmography, Demo Reel or portfolio available upon request.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Observations from my vacation

location: environment: home again home again jigging jig.
Observations from my vacation

Not once but twice I used a public toilet after what seemed
to be a grown man to find the mild aggression of urine
sprinkled from 5 to 7 on the clock face of the seat.
Instead of the common culturally accepted practice to put
the seat up when you pee standing up into a toilet it felt like
this person was saying "I got mine so, fuck any one who comes
after me." A societal anthem which is founded on selfish greed
and explains the need for more environmental justice. My motto
is to imagine a yesteryear today whereby I try my best to teach
my two year old to clean up her own messes; so telling myself I
don't know their what their ability might be,  I did the only thing
I could do, make it right, lead by example, clean the seat so I might use it.
Now I am definitely far from perfect and since I have a tendency
to judge harshly I did my best to turn the other cheek, admitting
myself to be guilty of screaming at my child to stop yelling!
Oh sweet paradox; do as I say, not as I do, but I remember
being a child and feeling as though I knew only a few role models
of good behaviour and that the biggest teaching was achievement
at all cost. No matter the circumstances, excel, be the best you can.
While taking a night stroll that follow a nap where I fell asleep with
my daughter, we both slept too late which caused us to be awaked
at a inappropriate hour, I saw a someone trying to sleep in a doorway.
It was a very cold night and the female was clearly uncomfortable,
feebly trying to cover her head with a scarf for some sembalence of warmth.
In the minutes it took me to walk past her my head was filled with a great
mass of thoughts. Could I invite her into the place we had rented for a
month of vacation in the city? would we be safe? what was her story?
But a short time later she was the victim of being out of sight and
Out of mind, the attention instead on the glamour of window displays.
The possessions of material success, measures of commodified beauty.
I find the utopian dream of fairness and kindness so captivating,
Ideally I want to have unending patience and compassion.
In a perfect world I can take my kid to the art gallery and explain the
numerous depictions of the crucifiction without having to keep at a
distance from the bigger than life relief entitled " massacre of innocents."

Monday, March 03, 2014

Tahsis invitational

location: environment: home: preparing for departure

Are you a stressed out urbanite, interested in extreme DIY,
in need of West Coast wilderness adventure or relaxing retreat.
You are invited to discover Vancouver island's best kept secret
Tahsis British Columbia welcomes you to explore Nootka sound
Scale a mountain, explore an uncharted karst cave system, catch a fish
Make the pacific oysters into a fresh local meal, just like the seals
Kayak with orcas, or sit back silently watching for eagles and cougars.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

to anyone who cares

location: environment:
Dear Fellow Neighbors & Concerned citizens of Tahsis BC, Canada & Earth
I turn on the social media machine; hoping for peer support, instead of my usual, pseudo-activist-like entertainment. I come in peace and concern for our community here and reach further a field into our shared global environment because I think people in cities world wide have a vested interest in keeping wild places wild. After attending the question period yesterday hosted by the recreation center for the logging company Western Forest Products (WFP) concerning cutting 20 hectares within the sight lines of the town, I left scared. There have already been 3 deaths this year of private contractors and I know I am not alone in my worry of industrial accidents, lack of independent assessment and forethought for the ecology of the whole. I do not consider myself against industry as I have worked in forestry and know that if they don't get these specific trees will be others on the chopping block, there always is. I guess I see this place as having some potential beyond lumber, much more than a one trick pony. Beyond the dangers of landslides, destabilizing the mountain sides with blasting above inhabited private family homes and possibly causing the destruction of currently uncharted karst cave systems. I am concerned about the long term unforeseen consequences of the plans WFP has for the hinterlands of Tahsis and what they call TFL-19 Zeballos. Since I have a small child I often imagine the future of the village at the end of the road and I think we stand to continue seeing benefits from re-branding away from lumber boom town gone bust towards more friendly west coast eco-village wilderness mecca. I don't know what Mr Aikerman will take away from his evening Q& A with the citizenship to bring to the decision makers but I can not stand by while others literally transform the the landscape around me. I see this as a direct threat to the well being and safety of my community.  People live here, don't put us at risk. I ask you to write your own letters, sharing your stories, worries and hopes for what we hold in common. I intend to deliver my own letter and petition to stop plans for the crown lands located in and around Tahsis. Please join us!
Sincerely yours, 

Sarah Fowler

who you gonna call?

Contact Information - Claire Trevena
Campbell River Community Office

908 Island Highway
Campbell River, BC
V9W 2C3

Phone: 250-287-5100
Fax: 250-287-5105

Toll Free Number: 1-866-387-5100

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday
10:00 am to 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm

  Port Hardy Community Office
Room 7 Robert Scott School
PO Box 2479
Port Hardy, BC V0P 2P0
Phone: 250-949-9473 or Fax: 250-949-9403

Office Hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Honourable Shirley Bond, 
Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training
PO BOX 9071 
V8W 9E2
Telephone: 250-356-2771 

Fax: 250-356-3000
General Enquiries
Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:30 p.m., please contact:
250 387-1772
Government Communications and Public Engagement
For media enquiries, Monday through Friday, please contact:
Telephone: 250 356-5261

weekends, please contact:
Telephone: 250 213-2972
Deputy Minister's Office
Dave Peterson
A/Deputy Minister
Telephone: 250 952-6500
Fax: 250 387-3291
Minister's Office
Telephone: 250 387-6240
Fax: 250 387-1040